Subscription expired! Why?

I went to post something quick today and got that red message: “Your hosted blog has expired. Please upgrade to continue posting to your site. Thanks for supporting!”

I checked my plan, and it seems the invoice is in a “draft” state with today’s date. I’m not sure what’s going on… maybe I need to wait a bit for this to resolve?

Looking into my transactions, it seems one $5.00 was authorized last month, and there was another $5.00 a few minutes after it, but it seems like no money was sent, so maybe I somehow paid only $5?

EDIT: I updated the card from “upgrade your plan” and it seems to be OK now. I will keep an I out to see if I’m over charged (or under charged).

More: No, this is still wrong. My subscription on MB shows I’m on the free plan, I got a report I was charged for $5, and I actually want the $10 plan… help?

Sorry about that. Not sure what went wrong, but I’ve updated your subscription to Premium. Note that it looks like you had also updated it to yearly billing. I’ve extended the subscription to cover this month, so you can continue to use but won’t be charged until the first yearly payment goes through next month. (You can make any changes including downgrading or switching back to monthly before then.)

Thanks for your support!

So the yearly amount is $100 (I guess two months discount?) and I’ll be charged that next month…? That works. I’ll make adjustments to the card.

That’s right. Because the subscription changed on the last day it’ll also be prorated a little so more like $99, just in case you’re curious when the charge goes through.

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