Strong Encouragement to use the Hugo Forums

If you’re writing your own theme or customizing templates, you’ll likely get both more and better support for your questions on the official Hugo forums found than you will here.

Very few features are specific (though there are some!) and some answers may not be achievable (because of lack of access to those features without some hoops!).

But very often folks are asking questions here that are general questions about how templates work and how to achieve something with a template that you’ll get a far greater number of expert eyeballs on by asking on the Hugo forums.



I wonder if there is a way to further promote this message for people who are looking for help with themes.

Discourse has the feature for prompting you when writing a new topic in which it lets you know that “Your topic is similar to…” — I wonder if that could be modified so that when you start a topic about theme help you always see either this message or a link to this topic.

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