Skipping double at sign?

I saw that both redirects to Lois van Baarle’s Tumbler log and to without any problems.

How is this done, and could I do something similar with micro∙blog?

It would prettify the ugly format into, or whatever domain and subdomain I’d prefer to use in the Fediverse.

I’m assuming you are talking about’s search function, where you can search for websites (domain names) and usernames.

In that context, and will give you Lois’ Tumblr feed. They are synonyms. In the same way, you can search for and to find your blog’s feed.

So it’s not anything she has done, it’s just the way works. You can follow any blog/website by its domain name (as long as it presents a web feed)., on the other hand, will give you her Mastodon feed. It’s separate from her Tumblr blog.

Thanks! That clears thing up. I suppose she has some way to put her Tumblr feed on Mastodon. I believe it’s done with a bot account, but I’m not sure. On micro∙blog it’s much easier to do, since it’s all built in.