Sharing CSS for newsletters

Manton indicated that it’s possible to style newsletters differently than your blog by wrapping in class .microblog_email... e.g., .microblog_email p

Since I don’t know where to start, I’m wondering if anyone has tried this for your newsletters and can (willing to) share their code. I can always edit it significantly to not make it look exactly like yours if that’s may be your concern.

Amit shared his recently and it looks pretty good. I’ve added it to the end of my custom CSS, with a comment to remind me that it’s for the newsletter.


@manton if we use the .microblog_email class in the custom CSS on, do we still have to check the “Include this CSS in email newsletters” box?

Yes, if you don’t select that checkbox, it won’t include any CSS in the email. Using the .microblog_email just makes sure that the style doesn’t accidentally apply to something on your blog too.

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