Scheduling observation

As @manton will know from my emails to Help, I have been having problems “back scheduling” posts. That is I have some blog posts that I want to back date to earlier this year.

First I scheduled them from Ulysses where they were written. However, they appeared to sit in publishing limbo for days, sometimes successfully publishing eventually, sometimes (more often than not) not publishing (and I then deleted the post using MarsEdit, the only place where I could see them).

I next tried scheduling them from MarsEdit. Again, the same problems as with Ulysses.

Finally, I dropped them into the web interface, scheduling them from there. They published in seconds with no problem.

I assumed that with MarsEdit and Ulysses being able to schedule that they would be able to handle post dated schedules no problem, and because I was having problems with them, I assumed that this was a general issue. That was obviously not the case. If I need to post date a post again, I shall be using the web interface.

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FWIW here’s my gut-- does a bunch of stuff to make Hugo faster at getting posts into the timeline. There’s almost certainly some heuristic being applied when using the API to post that does not trigger a rebuild of the whole site. Likely, it triggers the “fast” rebuild that just tries to rebuild the most recent posts by published date in some fashion, sees no change, and doesn’t pick up the “older” post content until something you do triggers a full rebuild.

The web interface must trigger a different pathway for rebuilding your site that does pick up on past posts.

In general, because I’m guessing back dated posts don’t need to show up with much urgency and it’s clear the content is there, I think you could just trigger a full rebuild from the logs page and that will pick up all the back dated posts you save to publish.

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Thank you for sharing this explanation. I had to read it a couple of times, but I understand it now and it makes sense to this non-tech mind.

And thank you as well for linking to the rebuilding of the logs. I have been sent in that direction a couple of times before to repair other things, and then promptly forget that that feature exists. I’ll try and remember it for next time.