Resolved 🎉 Entire text of post being treated as link

Here’s an interesting one. I just made a short post, which is showing up just fine in the timeline:

and, is correctly formatted when I look at the individual post’s page:

but, it appears on the home page of my hosted site, with the entire body text being treated as a link:

Obviously, all but the final word here should just be body text, but for some reason it’s being wrapped in <a> tags with no target. Does anyone have any ideas why? (I posted it via on the web, in case that makes a difference.)

It’s probably because of this:

<h4 class="p-role">ephemera, from <a href="">@zioibi<a></h4>

The link above is never closed. I think your problem will go away if you close it. I found this by validating the page with this tool.

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Fantastic — thank you so much! Once again, I have proven that I know only enough CSS / HTML to get myself into trouble, and not out of it. That’s a neat-looking tool though, I’ll add that to my kit.

Haha, I’m the same when it comes to electronics. Know enough to be dangerous with a soldering iron. :blush: You’re most welcome; glad it fixed the problem.

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