Request: Mentions feed

I’m using Aperture & Indigenous for Microsub & Micropub. I love being able to pull my timeline in with an XML feed. It would be great to have a similar feed that is the equivalent of the mentions page on my site. If there’s already a way to leverage the tools developers use to get this into my reader, great! but I don’t know about it. If not, I’d really love for there to be a feed like this.

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I know you can get at it via the JSON API … gonna see if I can find something in the XML API.

Update: I didn’t find mention-specific documentation with regard to the XML API. We’ll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to come along.

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A JSON feed would work, too. I don’t have the technical chops to figure out what URL to put in Aperture based on the API, though.

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It looks like the GET request would be to which would fetch the mentions for the currently signed in user. How this would be translated into a functional Aperture config is beyond me.

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Not to mention, not that I’ve played with it myself as of yet, but we do have issues with the consistency of the API; some things work, and others don’t. I am also in the midst of figuring out which languages the API can support, so makes a few of us.

The /posts/mentions endpoint requires authentication (to know whose mentions to show) so it’s not ideal for using in other apps right now, unless it’s possible to configure sending an Authentication header with the request.

Can you explain a little more about how you have it set up? Because supports the Microsub API, you should be able to add it to apps like Indigenous and it will automatically include separate channels for Timeline, Mentions, and Discover for your account, without needing specific feeds for them.

Let me poke around a bit. If I can get that working, I can close this request. If not, I’ll get you more details on what I’m trying to do.

Basically: I’ve been using Aperture as my microsub server to subscribe to sites outside Ideally I would have my channels and then also be able to subscribe to those external sites. Is there a way to do that, maybe using as my microsub server and using WebSub?

I’m looking for the feed reader experience with integrated in as its own set of feeds/channels.

Since you’re using Aperture for your Microsub, I think it will be weird (or impossible) to also use’s Microsub, unless the app you’re using can connect to multiple Microsub servers at once. I haven’t tested Indigenous in a while so I can’t remember if it can do this.

So getting back to your original request, it would be useful to have an unauthenticated feed of mentions. I can’t really see any harm in providing that, since mentions are public anyway. In the meantime, there is a feed of everything in, which will include regular posts from people you follow and mentions. Not ideal but maybe be helpful:

I’ll look into making a version of that just for mentions, e.g. username-mentions.json.

Thanks, Manton! Both Indigenous and Monocle can only connect to one Microsub server at a time. No need to rush this on my account. It would be useful, but I’m happy using the web and Gluon/Dialog for now.