Request: Link tag for mastodon

The “App tokens” page has room for link tags to Twitter, Github, and IG. Can you please also add one for Mastodon? Or is it possible to just make that generic so one can add whatever links that make sense? e.g. I’d like to add one for

Bumping this up in the hopes of an answer or a recommendation on how to do this :grimacing:

Thanks for bumping, not sure how I missed this. The best way for now is to add the “Meta tags” plug-in, then paste the <link> tag for Mastodon in the settings for that plug-in.

I’m planning to move the Twitter/GitHub/Instagram usernames out to plug-ins too. Because this is so common for Mastodon, I think we could have a dedicated plug-in that just does that.

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Sweet! Thanks @Manton!