"Reply on Micro.blog"

Wondering if there are template ideas to redirect someone back from a hosted-micro-blog entry to the micro.blog timeline.


I’m on the timeline, I clickthrough to a long-post. I lose my spot in the timeline, but i want to reply! There isn’t an easy and obvious way to get back to the post on the timeline.


I would love that! Now that you pointed it out, this happens to my frequently, actually.

I know Manton is against this in principle, but he could consider adopting my cheeky Open in New Tab code for all long post links: https://github.com/w4rner/ExternalLinks-NewTab

I just right click on and open entries in a new tab.

I want this too.

How do I use this exactly? I went through the README but didn’t understand it. Is there some simplified tutorial to help people like me implement this? Or better yet, a micro.blog plugin?

I’d love to make an M.b plugin!
On my 1st attempt at another effort I had zero success with getting ANY code to upload.

So meanwhile: try it out on a standard website you can add HTML to. Try copy & paste the code from two simple (1 is 1 line with 3 words!) HTML files in the place I say in the filename.
Contact me privately if further support needed.

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Hey, it’s me from the future. I just want to share with anyone who stumbles upon this thread that it’s now possible to add this functionality to your Micro. blog-hosted blog. Just install my plug-in Conversation on Micro.blog.


Love this plug-in and the documentation is really well done.

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