Reclaim my domain for another site

I purchased a domain to use through micro blog (via Now I would like to reclaim that domain for another site and cancel my micro blog subscription/membership. When I try to login to my name(dot)com account, it doesn’t show my domain there. Name(dot)com is telling me the account is managed by another party, which I am assuming is micro blog. Are there steps that I am missing to make this change. I’ve searched the topics but didn’t find any relevant help. My micro blog is /scottpostma and the domain is Thank you.

You need to initiate the transfer of the domain name to another domain name registration provider. To do that, you’ll need an “auth code” for your domain name. You can find that under and then click View Records → Show Auth Code. Also make sure you cancel the domain name in so that it doesn’t think it needs to renew it.

If you run into any problems, send me an email to and I can manually update it or change the DNS records. Thanks!

Thanks for your help. I have initiated a xfer but there is an error messages that domain is currently locked at See below. Would you be able to assist me with unlocking it or do I go about that another way? Thank you, again, for your help.

Hi Scott, it’s unlocked now! Sounds like we need to add a lock toggle in the interface in the future.