Posts by users followed from Pleroma instance don't show up in timeline

For anyone unfamiliar with Pleroma, it’s a popular ActivityPub implementation written in the Elixir programming language:

In my case, the instance I’m trying to follow/interact with is: (a community for Erlang/Elixir developers)

In my case, I was able to follow the creator of the Elixir language on,

However, despite José posting pretty frequently, I have yet to see any of his posts in my timeline. I don’t know if this is a config issue with this specific Pleroma instance; I’m able to see Pleroma posts on several other Mastodon instances, so I don’t know what it could be.

(I mentioned this to @manton in a post but figured I’d make a help topic for this since nothing showed up when I searched “Pleroma”)

Thanks, I’m looking into this. There must be something a little different about the posts coming from Pleroma. Will fix it whenever I see what the difference is.

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FYI I follow José as well, but in Ivory using my account, I see one post from 4 days ago, one from 10 days ago, one 14 days ago, and one more 18 days ago. I don’t think he posts with the frequency you’d think.

Hi @manton! Any updates?

If not, I realized that I could set up a hosted Pleroma instance and make you an admin so that you have a test environment? :smile: