Populating category pages

Very grateful to see the deletion issues seem to be resolved; I know @Manton has been laboring over the various server issues of late, and I really appreciate that!

Given that, I hate to bring this up. But I’ve noticed in the past few months the category pages tend to load posts very gradually, much in the way that the # in the “page 1 of #” counter at the bottom of the front page (for me, anyway) often shows up as “page 1 of 2,” when in fact there’s maybe 46 pages’ worth of content.

If it’s part of the overall server speed issues, I get it. But I just thought I’d ask. Again, always appreciate Manton’s tireless work on keeping M.b speeding along. :slight_smile:

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This is by design, though I believe/hope the intent is for this to get faster in the future. You can see some of the different build types and when a “full build” is triggered here: https://micro.blog/account/logs

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One change I’d like to make is that while it’s updating the category pages, it doesn’t publish them until they’re actually ready, to avoid the temporary “page 1 of 2” problem. And of course, making things faster is still a top priority and I think we’re making progress.