Please, reset my visual theme

I’ve been having all sort of issues with my visual theme. As soon as I chose something different than “Hyde”, the theme selected (currently Hello) breaks. I may have done some tweaks in templates without knowing exactly what I was doing… would it be possible to do a reset on my account settings for the visual theme so I can start over?

If you remove all custom themes or select none.

Then click edit css and make sure there is no custom css set that’s all you’ll need to do.

cleared custom CSS. Cleared Footer. Deleted custom theme, now set to None. Current theme is “Hello”. and yet… can you confirm on your side that it is all fukked up?

Not sure how the hello theme is meant to look but I am fairly certain it wouldn’t be like this

Update: Creating a new theme might overwrite whatever is lingering.

I’ve been trying to figure out what is happening here… It’s strange because the CSS references still seem to point to the Hyde theme you were using, even after switching themes. So it’s basically loading the wrong CSS for the theme. This doesn’t happen to me when testing.

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Not sure what’s next…

Holler if you want another set of eyes (I would assume via messaging if you don’t want the world seeing under the hood).

Well, I’m not sure if someone outside of MB can do much about it. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ll be waiting for @manton to do something about it, sooner than later.

Yeah, the last one was directed at manton. Nothing you can do other than accidentally stumble upon a fix for a problem we can’t identify (the only shot at this I am thinking would be to create a new theme to try and overwrite whatever is lingering).

Was wondering if you have any news for people like me with problem with switching to a new theme?

Still looking for a resolution on that one… and a response to the email…