Photos and summaries on the homepage

I would like to show only the summary and the photos / images of a post on the homepage. How? Is there a Hugo shortcode for fetching at least the first image of a post? I searched quite a few list.html on github, but they use either {{ .Summary }} or {{ .Content }}… Any idea?

Looking at @manton’s photo archive page, maybe something like this will point you in the right direction:

{{- $list := where .Site.Pages "" "!=" nil -}}
		{{- $len := (len $list) -}}
		{{ range $index, $value := $list }}
			<div class="photos-grid-item">
				<a href="{{ .Permalink }}">
					{{ range first 1 }}
						<img src="{{ . }}">
					{{ end }}
		{{ end }}
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This looks too complex for me :confused: But I will contemplate this. :slight_smile: