Pagination: Vapor1994

Got the plugin installed, it doesn’t seem to be working with Vapor1994. I’d like to have pagination on both the homepage and category pages.

Thanks for any advice y’all can offer!

That theme does not currently look at the values set by the Paginate settings plug-in. So, the best solution is to get Alex (the theme developer) to update the theme. That way, all blogs using Vapor1994 benefits. There’s an issue on GitHub for this feature request.

When it comes to workarounds, you could either use the setting the theme currently uses, archive-paginate, or modify the templates to make use of the pagination plug-in. The former is probably the most straightforward. In a custom theme, create a config.json like this:

  "params": {
    "archive-paginate": 10

Update: Digging into the theme some more, I realize just setting the number of posts per page won’t be enough. The theme has to be updated to add full support for pagination on the homepage and category pages.