"Older posts" link at bottom?

I’ve noticed a lot of themes don’t have an “older posts” link at the bottom of the homepage. Any particular reason for this, or just personal preference of the theme creator?

From a developer’s perspective, it’s a trivial feature to add. So it’s probably just a decision the theme creators made, conscious or not.

Also, do note that there’s a setting called Paginate home page that you want to make sure is checked if you expect that behavior. You’ll find it by visiting the Design page when using the web client.

But, in the end, it’s up to theme developers if they want to respect that setting or not.

Because the “Paginate” settings aren’t consistent between themes, I think we may eventually move those settings out of the main Micro.blog interface and into individual plug-in settings. That seems like a better fit to give themes more control (or to not have the settings at all).

Technically, there is a slight performance cost to pagination, so personally I keep it disabled. If I want to find an old post, I find the Archive page more useful, but that could be improved too.


Got another issue/question for you, Manton.

I’m subscribed at the $10 level. Today I started getting messages saying my trial period as elapsed. I got it a couple of weeks ago (maybe last month) when I had already signed up at the $5 level.

Edit: cannot post now. Telling me to upgrade. Did I miss something. It says I’m at the $10 level and my CC info is in there.

Emailing the Help email.

Not sure if others are getting this. Could be confusing for new users.