Newsletter Issue: Bullet Pointed Text Not Showing Up


My monthly newsletter just went out, and I noticed that bullet pointed text didn’t show up in the email; the bullets are naked. I’m wondering: is this an issue anyone else has seen? I’m using some borrowed CSS from Amit to style the newsletter. I took a closer look but didn’t see what might have causes this.



I just did a quick test and bullets are showing up fine for my test newsletter, so I think it must have something to do with the custom CSS. One interesting thing about Markdown bullets is that if you have an extra line in between each bullet, it will put a <p> tag around each item, so I have a feeling the p:nth-of-type styling is interfering with that. Wonder if @amit has an idea?

That’s curious. I looked at the custom.css and it doesn’t look to have any styling for bullets. The p:nth-of-type is also for styling the first paragraph in the email (which is always the header). So it should not have an impact on the bullets. Can you forward the newsletter to my email?

@manton - thanks for taking a look at the data! @amit, I just forwarded the email to you. Your help is MUCH appreciated, and apologies for the slowness of my reply.


i havent tried bullets - but have a similar issue with blockquote - regardless of using ‘>’ or

- my cite / attribution shows up - but the quote never does.

FIVE Minutes later - I have been wrestling with newsletter CSS - and just changed something as I try to center the newsletter - and suddenly a blockquote was shown in a newsletter for the first time ever!