New Pins

I hope there can be more pins to come in the near future. I love PINS! Anybody love that too please?

I’d love to add more pins. We are adding a new “secret” pin next week for Apple’s WWDC, since I know we have a lot of Apple fans who are paying attention to the conference. It’ll be enabled on Monday if you mention WWDC in a blog post.

What other suggestions do people have for new pins? I think we need some that are kind of in between the easy ones (“First post”) and more difficult ones (“30-day photos”).

My pins don’t seem to be activating :frowning:
Am I doing something wrong?

It looks like the timeline is treating your replies as brand new, with no sign of any full posts. Your best bet is to email support, since they have access to all of the behind-the-scenes tools and info: