My latest post is not on my blog

I brought up the Mac app and cerated a new post. It eventually got long enough that it asked me for a title. I gave it a title and waited for it to show up on my site but it never did. I look on my timeline and realize it is showing up there but not on my blog. I guess I am confused as to how posting on app works now. The URL for the post is wrote up [a great post on what he likes about the Arc browser]( I have been using it for a few months now but I hadn't gone all in as he did but after reading his review I decided to do it. Luckily Arc has a profile ability which I use a lot in Chrome to keep my work, personal, and test accounts all separate. It was easy to create a new profile for work and import my settings from Chrome and get going. The biggest thing I learned from Chris was the split view. I had no idea it existed before this post. Here is [an invite link]( if you would like access. I expected it to show up here I suspect it is because my post started with me trying to @ somebody on Mastodon which also did not work.

Sorry about the confusion with this. You’re right, when a post starts with “@” treats it differently. Instead of posting it as a normal blog post, it saves it as a reply in the timeline.

To include replies on your blog, click on Account on the web and scroll down to the “Include my replies on:” option. That will add a new Replies page to your blog with all your replies.

Here’s an example of how this looks on my blog: Manton Reece - Replies