Migrating from hosted to micro.blog hosted issues?


I’ve connected to micro.blog via self hosting with Hugo for a while, but recently decided I wanted to move to micro.blog hosting. I imported a pile of markdown files, and they seem to have been created successfully, however they are all unpublished.

Example: https://chrisd.micro.blog/2023/05/08/started-reading-piranesi.html

It’s been a few days since I completed the import. Is this expected?


I just checked your blog and it looks like there is an error preventing the posts from publishing:

template for shortcode “aside” not found

This is an imported post from 2020-05-09. Can you try editing it to remove the “aside” reference? I’m not familiar with whether that is a Hugo shortcode that could be provided by a plug-in or another theme, but probably best to disable it for now just to get everything working.

Sure! I think that’s my custom shortcode, which I forgot about. I’ll spend some time pulling those out. Is it safe to re-import the whole content zip?

Yes, as long as the URLs are the same as the last import, it will just update the posts that have already been imported and not create new duplicate posts.

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I’m now (seemingly) getting all my posts imported. Yay!

I now get errors for the {{ ref }} shortcode, which I use to link to other posts. I imagine this is because the URL structure changed between my self hosted blog and micro.blog? I know that micro.blog maintains a reference of the old URLs to redirect to, but maybe that mapping doesn’t work for shortcodes?

All my images are 404 as well, so assuming this is the same issue?