Migrated to micro.blog, posts don't appear

I have migrated all my content from my old custom blog, https://www.chrisdeluca.me, to micro.blog, chrisd.micro.blog (I haven’t switched the domain yet).

I disabled the RSS feeds in micro.blog, and I can post, but they do not show up in my feed (or any one else’s, seems like).

No errors, so not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Any help would be appreciated!

Micro.blog uses the feeds under Account → “Edit Sources & Cross-posting” to control what posts show up in the timeline. To update it, you can add your blog feed back by adding this URL on that page: https://chrisd.micro.blog/feed.json

Then when you post to your blog, it goes to your blog and the feed, and then from there to the timeline and followers.

Let us know if that doesn’t fix it.

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Ah of course, thank you so much!