Micro.blog website can’t see my uploads now (with custom domain) but iOS app can

Here’s a weird one.

Since adding micro.scottwillsey.com as my custom domain, the micro.blog site cannot show my uploads in the browser, whether on the upload screen or in my posts. However, those same images using the same src URLs show up in the iOS app.

The site still shows the one image that was uploaded before the custom domain was added (uses the scottaw.micro.blog domain instead).

The ones that confuse the micro.blog site all have micro.scottwillsey.com as the link URL domain.

micro.scottwillsey.com and scottaw.micro.blog both go to the same IP address.

It really looks like something is happening to images that I upload via API with my bearer token (in Shortcuts) vs uploading them directly via the website.

I am getting a link back from the API for each image, so it seems to be accepting them. They just never show up on the micro.blog web site, either on that domain or on my custom domain.

Ok, never mind. I’m leaving this here for anyone who does the silly thing I did… I needed to convert them from heic to jpg in my shortcut before uploading. Because I was getting a response URL with a .jpg extension back from the endpoint, I thought they actually WERE jpg already…

The problem wasn’t the domain name at all, it was the difference between using the web with already-converted photos and using Shortcuts and choosing images from Photos which did not get converted automatically.

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