Micro.blog Native Uploader Changes Colors

Haven’t used Micro.blog native web uploader for quite some time. I tried it today since I wanted to upload a single image and noticed it drastically changes the colors (and not for the best in my opinion).

Tried uploading the same image from my iPhone through Mimi, and the colors were preserved.
I uploaded all the images to a drive folder here to avoid any further compression. You might need to download them locally to see the original and not OneDrive thumbnails.

So, what’s the best way to upload images to Micro.blog? I understand it’s impractical to keep 5Mb photos on Micro.blog but the conversion probably shouldn’t affect the color space. I’ll continue using Mimi, but at the end it’s an enthusiast app and I worry it might go away one day leaving me with no options.

I use MarsEdit, and if you select to preserve colorspace instead of optimize for compatibility, it seems to work well.

I’d like to look into how we can improve preserving the colorspace for web uploads. For now, using a native app (Mimi, MarsEdit, or the Micro.blog iOS app) is going to produce the best results probably.

Understood, thank you!