Mastodon Crossposting Not Working

I’ve noticed that the last few days, my cross-posting hasn’t worked. I’ve published 8 posts since my last one, and they haven’t arrived on my mastodon timeline yet

I think cross-posting is broken. For me no Mastodon nor Twitter post is created after publishing a post.

I’m not seeing any problems exactly like that with cross-posting. However, I have noticed an issue this week with delays where the feed is not processed right away, which will also affect cross-posting. If this happens, you can click the “reload” arrows button under Account → Edit Feeds & Cross-posting.

I’m working on a fix. If you continue to see problems, there may be an authentication error and in that case I would suggest disabling and re-enabling Mastodon or Twitter cross-posting so that it signs you in again.

Yeah, it’s really weird because posts started going through it again without any intervention from me, but those days are still missing and the only time I turn cross-posting off is when I’m just trying to reach the micro community.

Hmm. Yeah, I think there’s something weird. I made 4 posts yesterday and only one made it to mastodon. None of them made it to tumblr, which I just connected within the past two days. has pretty sticky preferences on turning on and off cross posting that go somewhat global. Do you have a device you only use sometimes you may have turned off cross posting on the the last time you used it?

I ask mostly because it sounds like there was a time you might turn it off for a post or two, and I can tell you that I have found that preference will throw me way off if I’m posting from different places and I find it hard to know the state I’m in if I’m not “always on” or “always off” which is why I (like others) continue to really want good, per post cross posting controls versus just a “global-ish” setting.

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I’ve been using the settings in the web editor that has the Show Cross-posting and I just click that. I have posted from Gluon but not often.