Markdown Import ETA

When importing a ZIP file of markdown files, what is an expected ETA?

I’ve imported a ZIP file containing two markdown files from, neither have photos (or emojis). Both are under 280 characters.

I would expect this import would occur fairly quickly, but it’s been just over an hour and I don’t see any sign of them.

Also, if I decide to do a bunch at once, and get close to the 45mb limit, would this drastically increase the processing time for import?

The import should be pretty quick, usually a few minutes and probably never an hour unless something has gone wrong. The Markdown import can be a little picky about formatting, so my guess is that there was an error and it did not successfully process the import.

One tip: you can see a rough log of some of the actions is taking while importing at this URL if you’re signed in. That might provide a clue. Also, feel free to email me the ZIP to and I can check it out.

Thanks, just sent it in.

@manton After playing around with the frontmatter, it seems like if you have a blank title: field the import fails. With, I had to use a blank title, so that the title wasn’t automatically selected.

I think if possible, a blank title should be an acceptable importable field, and can be ignored on import.

For now I can just go through and remove the title line from posts.

Thanks! I agree, blank title should be fine. I’m updating to support that.