Majority of blog posts suddenly missing

Hi @manton ,

Suddenly, most of my posts are missing from my blog!
Only posts from the last year are showing up in my archive.

On > Account > Posts, the complete archive is still intact, it seems…
Hope this can be fixed easily.
Would like to know the cause too…

Kind regards,

I just checked your blog and I’m seeing posts going back to 2018. Does that seem right?

When publishes a new post to your blog, it first tries to update recent posts so that it’s as fast as possible to get the posts into the feed and home page, and then it updates older posts. Usually this isn’t noticeable but it sounds like it might’ve gotten stuck in an inconsistent state, then resolved itself.

Let me know if you still notice any problems!

Hi Manton,

I just checked and all the posts are back indeed! It must have been something like you described in then.

I was looking at the numbers from the Stats plug-in, and the graph showed only 100-something posts from the last year alone, so was a bit shocked at first, but ‘giving it a bit more time’ is actually a very human and micro.bloggy strategy in these kind of situations :slight_smile: