Low Rez Image Previews in Mastodon

Hey there! I looked to see if this had already been asked, but couldn’t find it. Forgive me if it has!

I received a message from a user who follows my Micro.blog on Mastodon, and they said:

I dunno if you noticed, but when your blog shows up in my feed (on Megalodon on Android & Whalebird on Win) the attached images are always super low res / blurry

For reference, these are usually full blog posts with titles. Images I embed (using the HTML copy) seem to appear as itsy bitsy icons, and Mastodon tries to blow that up to use as the preview pic. Here’s an example:


Just wanted to see if that’s what was intended or if I’ve done something to make it wonky. Thanks!

For full blog posts with titles, the Micro.blog timeline includes tiny little thumbnails of the photos, and these are accidentally being sent to Mastodon. I’m working on a fix for that.

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Thank you so much! :heart: