Length of time new or updated posts appear online

It takes quite a while for new or updated posts to appear on my blog. Just wondering why that is…

Recently or consistently?

I am seeing this as well, today. We deleted a duplicate post, which has been deleted from our timeline, but is still present in our hosted blog and archive.

@Moondeer, the delay is pretty consistent although a post today took quite awhile longer than usual to show up. Maybe I’m impatient, but I expect posts and updates to show up almost immediately as on other blogging platforms. Just wondering why that’s not the case.

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There is a new issue that popped up yesterday or today that I’m investigating, and it’s causing some things that should be very quick to be much slower. Hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks, @manton!

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still happening this morning for me…

I am still seeing this issue today. I have a duplicate post that I delete on Wednesday that is still showing up on my blog and archive page, although not my timeline. Would love to get that cleared up.

I just posted something to the @help account about this very thing, and I’m just now seeing this thread here. Glad it’s on the radar!

I believe yesterday’s update fixed this particular issue. Probably be helpful to know whether you are still having this issue today.

I still see a duplicate post on our blog (blog.goldfiglabs.com and blog.goldfiglabs.com/archive/) that does not appear on our timeline or on our list of posts on micro.blog. Perhaps we just need a rebuild / republish or something?

Could be, you could try duplicating your theme if you have a custom theme set and switch to force a rebuild.

That seems to have done it

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