Latest post did not cross-post or add to feed

My latest post (published at 10:38pm PDT last night) is visible in the timeline and in my posts on the site but did not cross-post and isn’t in the RSS or JSON feeds.

Hmm, looking at the logs it appears Hugo mysteriously hung when trying to publish to your blog. Sorry. :confused: I’ve kicked it and everything should be updated now.

I’ll try to figure out why this happened and make sure it recovers from gracefully. If it happens again, you can also edit a post (just re-save as is) to force it to publish again.

And a little more background for those who are super curious. In this scenario, essentially works like this, in this order:

  1. Try to add the post to the timeline right away while it publishes to your blog, as an optimization for certain simple posts.
  2. Publish to your blog, including updating the feed.
  3. Update the timeline again, this time based on the posts in the feed.
  4. Cross-post to other platforms.

So in this case it got hung up between steps 1 and 2.

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