Knowledge Check

Y’all tell me how much everyone already knows and I’ll know how much I oughta participate. Mostly out of the web-loop for a decade but I feel like with the Hugo documentation I have absorbed since leaving Twitter I could practically get whatever I wanted to show up on the site y’all are hosting for me. (For the life of me I can’t recall the last templating language I used but I feel like there was an animal involved and a whole lot of sass). (Pug, they renamed it pug).

Hah, nearly a year later I’ve reverse engineered Hugo 0.54 (since most of the current Hugo documentation does not apply) … which made adopting Hugo 0.91 a breeze (I’m still tracking down all the things I wanted to try out from the documentation while reverse engineering Hugo 0.54) … and went ahead and refreshed my memory with regard to web development (getting up to speed on the latest CSS modules in the process … flexbox, grid, variables … kids these days have it so easy).