Keep some posts local-only?

Hi all; using crossposting for a load of “imported” content is neat, but in some situations it would feel nice having the option to make some posts that just appear on the / in the timelines without being crossposted elsewhere. Is something like that possible?
Thanks and best,

It’s possible, but not necessarily easy-peasy. :sweat_smile: What gets on the timeline and cross-posted elsewhere is decided by the list of feeds on your Edit Sources and Cross-posting page. So in your case, you could have two feeds, like:

:warning: Notice that those feeds are just made up by me to illustrate this example. They do not exist; you will have to create them in one way or another.

You could configure those two feeds so that all-posts-except-cross-posting-posts.xml is not cross-posted (only shows up on timeline) and only-cross-posting-posts.xml is cross-posted (shows up on the timeline and gets cross-posted).

It’s important that those two feeds contain no duplicate posts between them. If a post is present in both feeds, it will get duplicated on the timeline.

Also worth mentioning, even if it might not apply in your case, is that supports per-post cross-posting.