Internal links between posts before publication

I have noticed that when I’m writing one blogpost, that another blogpost comes to mind, which I would often like to publish at the same time and link.

Post A

Super interresting post. It references Post B.

Post B

Another post.

I would like to link to Post B from Post A and publish both posts when they are ready. So far I have linked posts only after they have been published, by using their url. But maybe I could to that and “burst blog” two or three posts at a time?

Anyone know how? Hugo would have this feature, it seems, but even though I think I get how I’d use it on a self-hosted hugo instance, I don’t know the paths nor the names of files of my blogposts exactly to make this feasible.

So I guess what I’m asking is this: What’s the path and naming scheme of the files that make up my mb posts?

The URL format for posts is /year/month/day/first-3-words.html, so it’s usually guessable. For example, for “post B” the URL will be /2022/06/03/another-post.html.

Related to your question, there was a discussion a while back about what’s answer to tweetstorms / threads should be. For example, maybe there is a way to “reply” to an existing post and have it appended to the blog post, so that a blog post could be created from separate smaller posts. But that’s a little different than what you’re talking about.


Thanks. That should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Another option (which I’d love) is for mb to interpret markdown style wiki internal links.

I like the idea of the tweetstorms/threads continually appending to make a full blog post of the whole idea that you’re trying to get across. Seems like a good way to be able to livetweet/liveblog a sporting event, a local council meeting, etc. and have it all tied together at the end.