Interaction with Mastodon: following & shorter name

I’ve got two, likely related, questions. I’ve set up ActivityPub for my (which has a custom domain name). I wanted to follow a couple of people, went to Discover and clicked the search button.

If I enter there, it’s not successful in finding Simon’s mastodon instance. does work, however. I think there’s a trick with “.well-known/” files (host-meta, webfinger, nodeinfo) that Simon (and others) have set up on their main sites in order to connect them to their fediverse sites.

So the first question is: is there a way to more fully support that, so that when I see someone say that their fediverse name is @foo@bar, I’ll be able to follow them without having to track down their subdomain name?

And then the second question is: since my is on a subdomain, should I be able to set up my own main site to direct fediverse folks over to my subdomain? (That’s probably more a thing for me to try to google than actually a question for you, because I don’t know that needs to support anything different for that to work…)

Anyhow, I appreciate how easy it was to get my set up and connected to the fediverse!

My microblog is also set up on a subdomain and I simply activated my Mastodon-compatible username here - > Account > ActivityPub. Choose whatever name you want under the custom subdomain you are using at

Yeah, there’s a subtle difference I’d like to be able to make ideally. Right now, I have to tell people to find me at and ideally I’d be able to just say (without the subdomain listed) by doing some additional config on my main website. Truly not that big a deal, though, and I should probably just drop it instead of spending any time trying to make that work :smile:

I am actually wondering the same thing, but haven’t really found any great info on how I might configure this or whether it’s even possible. I know that’s not very helpful, but just know you’re not alone in wondering if this is somehow doable. :slight_smile:

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