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I’m having problems crossposting images to Twitter. On my timeline the image shows as an image, but on Twitter is a link to the image. I want that the image shows as an image on Twitter too.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Help me please :pray:t4:


You’re not doing anything wrong. Because of Twitter API changes, we had to stop copying the image to Twitter. Instead we just include a link as you’ve noticed.

Twitter cross-posting is going away on July 15th. Twitter has been cutting off access to most apps and charging for limited access, and it’s just not something we can support anymore.

Ok Manton. Thanks for your help :blush::pray:t4:

Just to make sure, is Twitter cross-posting still with us? I couldn’t find it in the list of platforms, yet I don’t seem to find any reference to it being removed.

I believe it is gone.

See the original post about the plan:

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Twitter cross-posting is indeed gone. I’ve now updated some of the help to note this.