I'm seeing 2 versions of one post

I just put up a post and now have 2 versions of the same post - one that has been posted to my blog (and the timeline), and one that is referenced by a link that says “2 versions” and sits at the bottom of the post in the “Post” section of my account area. …I hope that I am making sense here?!

I got to this by creating a draft of the post, editing it in micro.blog on the web, and then posting the edited version - I don’t think that I pressed “Update” first?

Is there a way to delete the unused version? I can’t seem to.

I am attaching a screen shot of where I am seeing the “Two versions” link.

Two Versions

Micro.blog keeps track of versions of a post when it’s edited or saved as a draft, but it only keeps the older versions for 60 days and then automatically clears them. There’s not currently a way to manage the versions directly. As long as the post on your blog looks correct, you can mostly ignore the versions. It’s really just to have a way to restore an older post if something goes wrong.

Thank you for explaining this Manton. I’ll leave the older version and let it go in its own time.