Hugo 0.109 introduces variables for CSS processing

We talked a bit during MicroCamp about making themes more easily edited by newer end users with less experience. A new feature this winter for Hugo is the ability to pass in variables that can be processed in CSS. See here. This could be a great way to standardize some variables for officially supported themes that can then be slotted into the CSS and make it easier to build an interface for customization.


Also, 0.94 and 0.95 each had significant speed and memory improvements, which, considering the challenges with fast builds that have come up recently, are probably worth while.

All that is to say I think it’s long past time that 0.91 became the default and support for 0.54 should be removed, and there are serious advantages to upgrading even further.


These sound like great changes. Because some things will probably break, I’d like to add a new version of Hugo that is opt-in for now, similar to how we started with 0.91. Then we can make it the default when we’re ready.


Bring on all the shiny new things! :sparkles: Would be great. :yum: