How to get a list of all posts, date, title, category?

I want to be able to show a potential funder a full list of all the posts in my Waikawa News blog, with date, title and category, like the partial list in the attached MarsEdit screenshot.

I’ve downloaded the json file and am about to look at the bar file and could use BBEdit to pull out what I want, but wondered if there’s an easier way to get it.

I’d be very happy if there was some Terminal command, for example, I could use.

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The .bar file (if you rename it .zip and unzip it) has a JSON Feed with all the posts. I’m not sure the best way to get that into more of a text format.

Because you’re using MarsEdit, though, another option would be to script it. I whipped up a little AppleScript that should have the basics:

tell application "MarsEdit"
	set all_posts to posts of first blog
	set s to ""
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ", "
	repeat with the_post in all_posts
		set s to s & title of the_post & tab
		set s to s & published date of the_post & tab
		set s to s & (category names of the_post as string) & return
	end repeat
	display dialog s
end tell

Try pasting that into Script Editor and run it, then copy the resulting text out into a text file. It gets the first blog, so may need some tweaks.

Many thanks. I’ve tested it on a blog with half a dozen posts so will now tweak for the blog I really want.

Much appreciated.