[Help?] Hosted blog is out of sync with timeline/posts/categories

Good morning all,

Over the past few days I have experienced a few problems with my hosted blog. In all these cases the timeline appears in order and the “posts” and “categories” pages in micro.blog work as expected, but my hosted blog doesn’t behave either as expected, or as previously. I have given plenty of time ( I would have thought) for the system to catch up and rebuild any pages/structure, but here are the problems I have noticed thus far, and I would welcome any help from @manton or anyone else that perhaps sees the source of the problem.

Problem 1

I have been periodically manually importing old posts from elsewhere (with a designated category: Blip :: dBlog), but the latest two posts (Goat? What Goat? :: dBlog and "Look Away" :: dBlog do not appear in the main list of posts or under the category listing. Neither appear in the “Photos” list despite both linking to JPEGs and neither are included in the navigation system, so neither have a previous/next option, and the “surrounding” posts (Rest Day :: dBlog and #EduScotICT :: dBlog) are linked together in the navigation skipping the two most recently added posts.

Problem 2

When I scroll back through my list of posts or individually post by post, I cannot go back prior to 12 January this year (:: dBlog), there is no “previous” navigation option, and yet the previous page (:: dBlog) has the appropriate “next” page link. There appears to be a break in the navigation chain.

Problem 3

I have updated the category of my longer posts, from essay to article, which has worked in the Micro.blog system, but has not properly updated in the hosted blog. Perhaps I should have done this a different way, but I would have expected the hosted blog to mirror the Micro.blog info?

Any advice welcomed. Using MarsEdit for managing posts, in case that helps.


PS: I presume this is now the best/preferred way of accessing help/support?

Thanks for reporting this, I’m looking into it and will follow up.

As for the best way of accessing help, email is still the primary way — help@micro.blog — especially if it’s something specific to your account. This help center is new so we’re still getting used to what works best, but generally I think posting here is good if it’s something that will help other people, otherwise email is the best way to get a reply or if we need to follow up with other questions.

I have noticed differences between the Timeline and Posts… Currently my top two posts are displayed in the correct order on the site, but not in the Timeline. I edited them about an hour ago. This could be an issued with the “Edit” function in the admin. (?) I would think these two things (Timeline and Site) should be in sync within seconds anyway…

…I guess this should have been an email, sorry about that.

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Things seem to be in flux at the moment while @manton is fixing the latest rollout. After seeming great before I went to bed (manton had updated my blog with regard to deleted entries) I realized when I woke that my site doesn’t want to rebuild. This has been further demonstrated via two new posts not showing up. I am currently creating a copy of my current theme to see if I can shake something loose.

Update: just to fill out what we know: the posts are definitely being created correctly

Another update: Either some fix was perfectly aligned with my theme update or switching themes triggered a rebuild of my site.

@manton - thank you for any work you have done behind the scenes on this. Problems 2 and 3 have been resolved - although for the latter I did just force update all the articles from MarsEdit which might have helped? I appreciate that some of this might have been due to the various issues/fixes of the last couple of days.

Problem 1 remains.

Update: all seems to be working again! Thanks!

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