Fun with Custom Domain Names

So I created an account with fine art america and they gave me a custom website domain where they host an online shop.

I found a setting for customizing the address.

I own ‘’ and have it configured to point to my Micro.Blog hosted site ‘’

Feels like I oughta be able to configure the records of ‘’ (managed by GoDaddy) to make use of my custom domain for something like ‘’ pointing to the fine art america site … but I wanted to pick y’alls brains before messing around with it.

So I went ahead and messed with it.

I created an A record with art rather than @ set for host that points to the IP fineartamerica gave me.

I also created a CNAME record with rather than www set for host that points to (which is where fineartamerica wanted www to point).

Someone holler if this was a bad move.

A record for subdomain usually right approach, but some providers like GH pages require CNAME for subdomains.

CNAME for www usually just to ‘remove’ www from front.
I think implementing increasingly unnecessary, esp. on top of something that is already a subdomain.

Wa.rner - proud

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