First slow build

Kinda odd my site doesn’t want to finish building tonight.

Update: the site rebuilt overnight but I thought it worth mentioning some oddities in case you’ve been tinkering @manton.

Before the site finished rebuilding last night I grabbed a screenshot of page links showing up where they aren’t meant to be. I haven’t yet clicked through the 19 pages to find out if they are still at the bottom of the list.

This morning I noticed that the rebuilt site is including my replies (which, unless I managed to toggle that on somewhere, would also be unexpected behavior).

Another update: I decided to leap to the back via URL and the pages are still showing as posts with what must be the default date of 12 a.m. January 1st.

Update: This one was on me. I must not have realized modifying my landing page pagination to use .Site.Pages was being so inclusive. Switching back to {{ range where .Paginator.Pages "Type" "post" }} resolved the unexpected entries in the list.