Fediverse Reports I have no posts?

I just fixed Micro.blog so that all of my feeds are showing up in the feeds section; added https://cambridgeport90.org/feed.json to my feeds list so that they will show up in both the Fediverse (cambridgeport90@micro.blog), and on the timeline. That wasn’t seemingly working before unless I did that. One person on Mastodon who followed me said that I currently have no posts? I can see all eight of them when I follow it from a different client (leading @ is stripped). Not sure if this is an issue with the client that my follower is using, for I know that some behave differently. Can someone give me any pointers as to what I might have screwed up on? thanks!

I think you’ve done everything right. The problem is that when a new Mastodon server follows a Micro.blog user, it doesn’t currently load any of the old posts. All the posts will start appearing going forward, though, and other servers who had followed your account may already have a copy of some of the recent posts.

I believe this is something we can improve in Micro.blog. I plan to work on it soon.

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So that if I want to get my micro.blog posts to show up on, say, mastodon.social, I should follow @delong@micro.blog from a mastodon.social-based account?


Brad DeLong

Under Account click on Edit Feeds and Cross-posting. There, there’s a link to enable Mastodon cross-posting. Click there, you’ll have to log in with your Mastodon account, and once you do, all posts on Micro.blog will also show up under that account on Mastodon.

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Thanks, and sorry I didn’t see this until now. It appears that I need to change my Discourse settings so that I get emails upon reply. Whoops!