Feature suggestion: Showing replies by default on hosted blogs

I think micro.blog should include replies of a user on the platform to their hosted micro blog by default. It’s a great way for people to discover conversations of someone they already follow, conversations that the user has chosen to be public anyway. Plus, replies sit inside a nicely tucked menu anyway, so it doesn’t interfere with the main blog feed. Thoughts?

I think I agree… Both the replies page and also the option to show conversations under a blog post were added fairly recently, but I think if we were starting over they would be on by default.

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I think this should be balanced with making it easier to surface Webmentions alongside them when people mention your hosted microblog post url in their own indepedent sites.
Otherwise you might lose sense of indepedent site.
The balance between an independent blog & a social network sitting on top of them is M.b’s USP and a subtle balance should be kept.