Expired certificate?

I’m getting error messages that the certificate for my domain has expired. Not sure what to do about it.

Unfortunately we have to wait until Manton fixes it. Emailing the support account might alert him quicker but there’s no way to know for sure.

All the expired SSL certificates should be renewed now. If you’re still having a problem, please email help@micro.blog and let me know what domain name you’re using and I’ll get it fixed right away. Thanks!

The certificate for my domain has expired . The domain is ‘not secure/private’ in Safari, Chrome, Brave but works fine in Firefox… ? Could you have a look please, @manton? Thanks.

Apologies. It’s fixed now.

Thank you, @manton.

@manton Mine’s not (the www version is, but not the one without).

To repeat myself since I can’t figure out how to link to what I added to the help thread on Twitter cards.

since I just used cloudflare to control the SSL on moondeer.art … I thought I would do the same with moondeer.blog after seeing that Twitter’s card crawlers require TLS 1.1. Their docs pointed me to this SSL test

There should be results cached for moondeer.blog and moondeer.micro.blog.

I captured a PDF of the results for moondeer.blog before changing nameservers to cloudflare … but it seemed to check out okay as far as TLS is concerned.

What I did notice:

  • Both domains report inconsistent configuration. For moondeer.micro.blog, a test runs for the IP4 address and attempts for an IP6 address (I’m assuming). For moondeer.blog, the test runs for three IP4 addresses and attempts for their three IP6 counterparts (I’m assuming). None of what I assume are IP6 addresses establish a connection … which I would assume is the reason both servers get the inconsistent configuration warning.
  • Also of note, there are two expired certificates in the resolution path for moondeer.micro.blog. The third certificate resolves … but since we have no idea what is causing the Twitter card crawler issue … it seems suspicious that the second certificate just expired in late March.

My knowledge in this area is pretty limited … but there is now some form of documented resolution weirdness … and the bit about the card crawler at the end of this documentation: