Error with Feeds

Getting this error

2022-07-14 17:17:46: Error: Error building site: failed to render pages: render of “page” failed: “/jgmac1106_d944ac/layouts/post/single.html:9:5”: execute of template failed: template: post/single.html:9:5: executing “main” at <partial “reply-by-email.html” .>: error calling partial: partial “reply-by-email.html” not found

Did you change themes or uninstall a plugin? reply-by-email.html is a template that I believe is added as part of a plug-in.

Yes i added a theme by plugin I will go and delete all my plugins

I can’t figure out how to delete my theme as plugin and this error was occurring before.

I have selected none for custom theme and tried both hugo versions.

Regarding theme uninstall, you could just install another theme and that should replace this. This particular error reads as if it is expecting Reply by email plugin to be available. Can you try install the plugin to check if the error goes away?

Did the trick! thanks

I’m sorry you ran into this. I wrote that theme and this is a bug with it. I will work on fixing it.

If you’d like to use the theme in the meantime, you could edit the post/single.html template and delete the line that reads:

{{ partial "reply-by-email.html" . }}

Or, you could install the Reply By Email plugin by @sod.

To fix this, I’ll remove that from the public version of the theme. I appreciate your catching the bug and again, sorry that it happened.

Now that I think about this, I wonder if I can make that conditional on whether the partial template exists. I’d like to encourage usage of that plugin but not require it of course.

Yes, @ezellwrites, you could do something like this:

{{ if templates.Exists "partials/reply-by-email.html" }}
  <p>{{ partial "reply-by-email.html" . }}</p>
{{ end }}

Thanks! That’s just what I’ve done with version 1.1.1