Error building site

For the past few days, I’ve gotten an error building site message at the top of the timeline on the web. I checked the logs, but they aren’t telling me anything more detailed.

I haven’t been tinkering lately, so I’m not sure what’s up. Any ideas?

I get the same, but it’s not a “real” error-- as in the site does build and update successfully. @manton has suggested this may be a case of “warning being presented as an error” and swallowed up in his logging tool that he’d look at in the future.

I have a feeling it’s a deprecation warning of some kind for Hugo.

Pretty sure it is a deprecation warning, or something else harmless. I want to identify those separately so they don’t bubble up as errors.

Thanks guys. It helps to know that it shouldn’t cause problems with posting.

Should I flip to Hugo 9.1? I’m running a customized version of Marfa with the latest Marfa update.

I still get this on 0.91 so I don’t think that will resolve it.