Domain name not billed?

I registered my stupid domain in July but haven’t been billed the $22 I expected to pay. I see a ‘draft’ invoice (313610E1-0005) associated with that date (2023-07-05) - is there some delay in billing I’m unaware of? I’m using the domain and will gladly pay for it if you want my money.

Apologies by the way if I’ve not picked the appropriate topic category.

Thanks for letting us know! This was a bug that we fixed recently, only about a month ago. would sometimes register the domain successfully for you but the billing got stuck in “draft”, usually until the next billing cycle. I’ll kick it and the charge should go through.

(For the topics, no worries. We actually want to rethink all the topic names… They don’t really fit what people are discussing and asking about now.)

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Thank you for activating the invoice. Since paying it I’ve been seeing the message “Your hosted microblog has expired. Please upgrade to continue posting to your site. Thanks for supporting!” when viewing the home/timeline page. Is there anything more I need to do or is this another bug?

Sorry, I may have updated it wrong. Everything should be good now.

Yes - looking good - thanks again!