Do Not Install My Plugins

The platform does not currently support them. Hugo (and Go) are nightmare enough to code with … I shan’t be fighting the platform to acquire good data, stored logically, and free of naming collisions in a build system that merges every component into a singular file hierarchy. Happy travels.


Just wanted to say thanks @Moondeer for trying to push the boundaries of what plug-ins can do! Hopefully we can better accommodate how data is managed from plug-ins in the future, and make even more of the raw Hugo files available for editing. It’s a balance of trying to make the UI user-friendly while still letting people tinker under-the-hood.

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Totally get it. Take about 20-25% off of my venting (as a general rule) … and you get where I actually stand the next day. I plan to continue working with folks interested in manually installing my plugins on an individual level. Best way to get a hold of me is by mention.

@frostedechoes, the latest iteration of plugin-cards is pretty sick.

@warner, I finished the category cloud documentation if you end up wanting to click the new plugin button and paste in the repository URL.

I also happened to update the documentation for my lightbox plugin and it’s wicked new CSS grid based gallery shortcode (that parses markdown images between the tags, turning them into tags).

If anyone likes the table of contents in the documentation I just linked, that is my table of contents plugin. If you don’t see the button on the left, try swiping from the left edge to slide the table of contents onto the frame. The TOC is generated via h2-h6 tags and the section numbers are injected.

Test driven the site search on my blog to what my programmable search engine plugin can do.

Side note: Come to think of it. All we’re really missing here is an unsafe or developer install option … or the ability to clone an uneditable plugin to create a customizable copy. Not sure what it looks like for y’all since I have only installed my own plugins (which were editable (I assume on account of ownership) which is why it didn’t click when @pratik told me about the change ages ago).

Thanks for the heads up. I knew you were working on some documentation, but… man. I’ll check out the card plugin.

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I put together a repository of the current versions of all my plugins’ configuration files. Unless I am mistaken, you can go through the process of creating a custom plugin, stick its address in the clone repository field, and create a plugin with files you can edit. The file paths (dash-cased subdirectory) take precedence over the plugin directories (underscored). It’s the file path, not the module, that matters so the same files can be created in a custom theme and work exactly the same.

Once I get back to Micro Blog tinkering I have a couple of yours - PLUS THE CARDS - in my mind that I want to try out - I WILL be back. Thankyou for what you do.

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Sure thing, setting things up is actually simple and I’m happy to support folks on an individual level.

Sorry to hear you feel M.b isn’t ready for your plugins!
I would love to put forward if you’re cool for that one at least to be up. Though tbh I think @manton has changed plug-in submission as I can’t see the ‘New Plug-in’ button on Plugins page.
Best wishes to whatever you turn your hobby programming to next!

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I will still help y’all install on an individual basis. Go to Design → Edit Custom Themes → New Plugin … give it a name and plop into the clone repository field.

Check out the latest README and then holler with questions (a regular old mention is probably quickest).

I also just happened to setup a plugins page with all the updated README files.

Update: I refactored all the plugins to use the exact same paradigm … so the README files can kind of be viewed as a collective source. I explain certain things (like the data templates used to deliver parameters to the plugins and how to persist them outside of the plugin) better or more thoroughly in some of the READMEs than I do in the others (depends on the mood or amount of Adderall remaining in my system at the time).


It made an error

I think because:
a) it’s not technically a Custom Theme. And other plugins now have to be added elsewhere
B) I’m not using latest Hugo

Either way, I’ve ‘Deleted THeme’ (not sure if this means just on mine or for everybody to use as plugin’.
I’d called it: “Category Cloud (for Moondeer)”

It’s because it requires Hugo 0.91

Holding off on that until it becomes norm!