Disabled plug-ins

I blogged about a change briefly here but thought I’d expand on it. When you install a theme from the plug-ins directory now, Micro.blog disables any previously installed plug-ins for your blog. This avoids the need to uninstall an old theme first, which would needlessly re-publish your blog with no theme set. You can enable a disabled plug-in, or (better) you can re-install it and that will disable other themes.

There are no buttons to disable a theme, because I want to avoid cluttering this screen and making it feel too finicky to manage plug-ins. The goal is just to do the right thing when installing new themes.

Micro.blog only attempts to disable/enable full themes that have a theme.toml template, not any other plug-ins. Of course you may want to have several plug-ins installed and enabled in addition to the main theme.

The Design page has also been updated to direct people to Plug-ins for any theme changes from now on. The old grid of theme thumbnails was never going to scale to all the themes we will have.

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Thanks. FYI. I almost never see your blog posts so I only notice updates when something breaks.