Dammit, I want a return statement in partials

I was all set to make heavy use of return values in partials when I read that they were implemented in version 0.55. @manton, are we ever gonna budge off of version 0.54?

We are definitely going to upgrade past 0.54. I just need to test the built-in themes to make sure nothing breaks, then I can upgrade to a more recent Hugo.

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Awesome! I definitely understand the fragility. Just wanted to hear it was on the menu. Apparently I am addicted to breaking my theme apart and piecing it back together via plugins. You should check out my public repositories that start with ‘plugin’ and see what you might like. I have been sticking up proper README content when I feel they are ready for public consumption … and if you feel like including them on the plugins page I’ll get myself into the habit of creating new branches for testing out changes (it occured to me the other day that it was bad practice to be temporarily breaking them … I’ve only ever programmed for myself).