Daily newsletter scheduling bug

Thank you for enabling daily newsletter frequency. However, it’s buggy. I have mitchw.blog configured to post daily, but three newsletters went out today, apparently once each time I post to the blog. Please fix!

Oh no! Thanks, I’m looking into this.

Thank you for the prompt response.

I did two blog posts just now and can confirm email is going out with every one, not daily.

I’ve fixed this issue. Let me know if you still see any problems. It should collect any new blog posts in the last 24 hours and send them after 9am in your local time, then won’t send anything else until the next day.

Thanks, Manton!

One update went out today at 12:59 am local time.

That’s not 9 am, and I’m ok with that. If I were running a professional newsletter I might want to optimize the send time but this is a hobby for me.

So far so good!

Thanks! Glad it’s (mostly) working. I think the very first daily newsletter can be off, but it should get back to close to 9am in the future. I’ll look into whether I can make this more precise.

This seems to be fixed. I got the notification that the newsletter was scheduled at 9 am local time, and the newsletter went out at 10 am. Thanks!